The Monday Tech Roundup!

by Mara Siegler · March 14, 2011

    Pictures, announcements, news, a piece of Gyllenhaal and a little Kanye from SXSW.  Plus, AT&T and Verizon reach out to Japan, leaked photos of BMW's hybrid, Facebook's new Groupon-like addition, a Blogger revamp, a hacking of Times Square's billboards and so much more. Find out what is going on in the tech world today!

    1.SXSW is on! Take a look at the pictures from the best parties! [GofG]

    [This is SXSW in a nutshell. Note the long line to get in on the left, and the party with the band on the right. Photo taken at the Barbarian group's party at Mowhawk on Sunday night.]

    GofG is down at SXSW having a blast. We're covering all the hottest parties. Be sure to take a look at our galleries and tag yourself and your friends.

    Take a look at our photos:

    For The Barbarian Group & StumbleUpon present T.O.S. Violation! go HERE.

    For Foursquare and the Streets of ATX go HERE.

    For the Ignite Social Media Party go HERE.