Who ever said dating in NYC is easy, obviously hasn't dated in the city. "There are tons of fish in the sea" - yeah, if gay men, drunk frat boys and pervy Wall st. men are your forte then- yes there are. But in most cases dating a "datable" guy- meaning: you're not just into for the free meal is rare.  Well, our prayers have been answered. 

Dating sites like eHarmony.com have become so popular that it’s not unusual to know a couple who met online. Yeah-it's a little un-orthodox and some may think it's something to be ashamed butt-it's not like none us have thought about joining, even if it was just for fun. But with regular dating sites you get those flav-flav look a likes and you de-register. Well, now there is a new online-dating service for college students! what better way to limit your search to guys 26 and younger?! or older, whatever your into. So, if your in need of a date, looking for a study buddy or want to find your net Gf/BF, we've weighed in on the pros and concs of college dating sites and found some favorites.