The Tuesday Tech Round Up!

by Kristin Rachlin · June 12, 2012

    At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) yesterday, Apple shows off the next-generation MacBook Pro, releases the latest version of iTunes, and announces Siri's expansion. DirecTV acquires the technology to skip television commercials, Facebook will play a larger role in Apple devices, and so much more in today's tech files!

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    1. At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple provided a first look at the upcoming MacBook and MacBook Air updates. They also showed off the next-generation MacBook Pro, which offers a whole slew of updates at a starting price of $2,199. [Cnet]

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    2.  Apple has released iTunes 10.6.3. The updated version of iTunes will address the problems it had been experiencing, including photos syncing out of order and unexpected deletions of apps and iTunes playlists. [PCWorld]

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    3. At the WWDC, Apple announced Siri's expansion. In the hopes of making driving safer by eliminating the need to fiddle with a navigational system - especially when everything you need (phone, music, navigation, internet) is on our iPhones already - the company has teamed up with Audi, BMW, Chrysler, GM, Honda, Land Rover/Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota.  [NYTimes]

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    4. DirecTV has purchased technology that would allow subscribers to skip TV commercials - they have, however, chosen not to use it. DirecTv doesn't believe that there is a demand for this kind of technology, although the company will continue to study consumer and legal reactions. [VentureBeat]

    5. Facebook will play a significantly larger role in the latest version of iOS, which is installed on iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Facebook will sync to your Apple device, meaning Facebook events will appear on your calendar and you will be able to directly post photos to Facebook using an app. [Mashable]

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    6. Apple announced the development of a new program called Passbook, which brings us one step closer to using iPhones like a wallet. With the ability to hold onto store loyalty cards, gift cards, movie tickets and airplane boarding passes, Passbook keeps almost everything you need in one location. [NYTimes]

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    7. Apple has released its own mapping system, cutting ties with Google Maps in the process. The mapping is said to make texts and graphics smoother and movement around the map (zooming and panning) more fluid. [TGdaily]

    8. The government is hoping to provide preloaded Kindle Touches to the State Department. If they are able to negotiate the deal with Amazon, Amazon would receive 2.29 million for the Kindles, content, and shipping costs with the potential to extend the contract for five years. [CBSnews]

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