There's A Keurig For Wine Now, So Nothing Can Ever Go Wrong Again

by Christie Grimm · March 2, 2017

    It's a dog eat dog world out there. You want a cup of coffee - you'd best make your own. No more sitting around, waiting for a whole pot to brew, just to have it sitting around, waiting the rest of the day, stale and lukewarm. Whether you're an independent spirit living it up on your own, or just the selfish member of an otherwise happy relationship, for just one moment of your day, it's all about you. That's the Keurig revolution. 

    And finally, that revolution has extended to a far more important daily ritual. How many times have you opened up a nice vintage, to enjoy just a glass, and fall asleep - bottle uncorked, or corked, but sure to spoil in the next day or two.

    While personal, serving sized bottles of wine would definitely be a sad thing to buy in the liquor store, the D-Vine is basically a Keurig for vino, specially designed to aerate the wine, dispensing individual servings at the perfect temperature every time.

    Just insert the little test tube of wine into the machine, pop the puppy open, and prepare to enjoy.

    With a current price tag of $1,000, it's not exactly a casual purchase. Available in France and Singapore, fingers crossed the cost comes down a little when it debuts in the US!

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