Tuesday Tech Roundup!

by Alyssa Rinaldi · March 8, 2011

    Unsubscribe desperately wants Crowley to "re-unsubscribe", Droid surpasses the rest for smartphones, snapping a photo can feed a family and a look at why hasn't someone come up with some way to trouble shoot hitting that "Reply All" button?

    1. A Few days ago Dennis Crowley, Founder of Foursquare, Tweeted to his 26,000 or so followers on twitter that he had just unsubscribed from unsubscribe.com.  Ouch, unsubscribe.com.  Check out what the Unsubscribe team tried to do in an attempt to win Crowley back:

    2. Facebook Game Makers get no respect. Apparently not even once popular Farmville can get you street cred among the veterans of the industry [via CNN].

    3.  Droid has surpassed BlackBerry as the Number one Smartphone in the US. RIM, Apple, and Microsoft, better step up your game. [via TechCrunch]

    4. All you need to do is snap a picture to feed a child today, apparently. You can either text a picture or a description of your breakfast with the word “share” to 21534.  Or, if you prefer Twitter, you can post a message today using the tag #ShareUrBreakfast. [via NYTimes]

    5. Things that make you want to hide in shame: the 'Reply-All' button. It happens again and again: we accidentally hit the wrong "reply" button and our inappropriate jokes and remarks about co-workers wind up in the wrong hands or in the inbox of 600 of our fellow employees. One would think this slip-up might not happen anymore, but, alas, no...might we suggest a "Did you really mean to hit reply all, you dummy?" popup box? [via The Wall Street Journal]

    6. Will Sprint and T-Mobile join forces? Being the Third and Fourth largest Wireless Groups in the US, respectively- their merging might create competition for Industry leaders AT&T and Verizon. [WSJ]

    7. No, Topshop and Bergdorfs-we do not care if you just realized your printer off. We also don't care if you're having one of "those days when you really enjoy your lunch." If you're not going to tweet about fashion, sales, or anything relevant- we beg you, large brands, don't fill up our feed with unimportance. [via the highlow]

    8. Sweden has had it with stamps. Instead, customers will replace paying for postage with a simple, text message system [via NY Daily News]