First comes Tinder, then comes Bumble, then comes this sinking realization after three awkward coffee dates that you're still single AF with a wedding to attend and nosy extended family who want to know the intricacies of your relationship status. 

Rent-A-Gent sets out to give you a hot dude to bring to events. But these aren't your typical escorts - they're screened for intelligence and talent. For those questioning whether the App is a glorified male escort service, the site puts in place limits. As they put it, "no hanky-panky" or physical contact. Damn.

Putting on our research caps, we perused the best source for evidence in order to find out how these men are actually used: Yelp reviews. No surprise that bachelorette parties and GNOs seemed to be the most common uses for the service.

As we researched the app, we began to wonder: is the wedding date narrative a ruse? It's 2016. No longer is being single viewed as so problematic that women would shell out hundreds for male arm candy. Given that a stripper makes better entertainment for a bachelorette party than your cousin's intimate family wedding, we think it's best to just cut to the chase and call it what it is. With that being said, we've compiled a rundown of all the options on Rent-a-Gent for that bachelorette party you've been putting off planning.

[Photo via @dolcegabbana]