Rachelle's Reading List, January 7th, 2011

by Rachelle Hruska · January 7, 2011

    Brian Williams is on a roll, everyone is still totally talking about Facebook...all the time, and Kate Moss has some ideas on what she would do if she were President. Besides that we have photos of Kanye West frosting cookies in an apron and the full video from Tom Ford's show last fall. Happy Friday!

    1. Brian Williams, FTW. Remember the hilarious joke he made about the NYTime's coverage of Brooklyn? Yesterday the host popped in the Kathie Lee and Hoda show during their workout, eating a donut exclaiming "You walk in the studio and you smell this combination of alcohol and sweat. A little Loves Baby Soft. It's nice!" This guy can do no wrong. [Today]

    2. It wouldn't be a slow moving Friday without some Facebook items in the news. Everyone is talking about the IPO that the company is supposedly ready for next year. [WSJ]

    Goldman's leaded memo to investors exposes Facebook's actual earnings. The company apparently earned $355 million in net income in the first nine months of '10, meaning that the $50 billion valuation is "roughly 142 times what they earned." [NYMag]

    "Ever get the feeling Wall Street just makes this stuff up as it goes along?" [InOtherNews]

    3. A lesbian's guide to New York Nightlife. [VelvetPark]

    4. If Kate Moss were President:

    "Name a reason to go to war." KM: "There isn't one." [Via]

    5. Speaking of Kate, go check out some vintage Kate Moss and Chloe Sevigny photos here: [TouristMag]

    6. Unemployment Rate is the lowest it's been in nearly 9 months, dropping to 9.4%. [TheAtlantic]

    7. Sunday is the annual "No Pants Metro Day." Is this ritual getting old for anyone else? [WaPoStyle]

    8. The year that never was: Illustrator Tomer Hanuka has published some of his rejected New Yorker cover ideas for 2010, some of which went as far as a final without publishing. Like this one at left. [Nick Douglas]

    9. This is really sad. A depressed charity worker killed herself as Facebook users mocked a suicide note she left on the social networking website. [PeterFeld]

    10. Humanity. In Sofia, Bulgaria, swimmers competed to reach a cross, thrown into icy lake water by a priest on Epiphany. The tradition is believed to bring health and luck to the winner....and hypothermia. [InOtherNews]

    11. Dems' GOP's conflicting narratives. "Think of the GOP as a John Wayne action movie and the Dems as a European art house film. It's political popcorn vs. cappuccino!" [Politico]

    12. There is a law firm called "MoFo" and it has just been named the Law Firm of the Year. Great name. Cool website. [Littlebluebeetle]

    13. This video has been viral for a couple of days now but I finally got around to watching it and it's too cute not to post. Check out this dad and his daughter singing the Magnetic Zeros' "Home" on YouTube with great conviction:


    14. Are you interested in measuring things with your fingers? Like actually measuring them accurately? Check out this "smart finger" gadget. [PonyPony]

    15. Okay awesomeness. If I got this retro NES USB controller (below) for say my birthday (hint hint) I would be ecstatic. Though ultimately, I would also cease all productivity. [JRachford]

    16. Waterproof computer accessories. Straight from the CES: These waterproof keyboards, mouses, and remote controls are "dishwasher safe." FINALLY. Germophobes like myself can stop freaking out at the office. SealShield: thank you for inventing something so obviously necessary. I can't wait to pick my products out: [TheAtlantic]

    17. Jakey Poo Gyllenhaal rides the subway. The Q train to be exact. Stars! They're just like us. [Parkslope]

    18. Do you want men dressed as women teaching your kids? Um...in short? Yes. [Tumblr]

    19. I realize this video has been out there for awhile as well, but for those of you that missed it, check out the full video from Tom Ford's super secret and super A list fashion show last fall:


    20. Luang Prabang, a city I found myself in this time last week, is featured in the WSJ today, leaving me very happy that I got there before this article hit. [WSJ]

    21. Timothy Ferriss is off his rocker. I am dying to meet him! The author just published his new book "The 4-hour body" which includes BIZARRE info. "This is a man who, after all, weighs his own feces, likes bloodletting as a life-extension strategy and aims a Philips goLite at his body in place of ingesting caffeine." I seriously want him to spend a day at the GofG offices. Someone make this happen! [NYT]

    22. Not sure where this is or what it's for, but Kanye West frosting cookies? Awesome. [DerbyBoy]

    23. Jersey Shore's third season premiered on MTV last night. Did you miss the action? Check out the full guide on what (predictably) went down. [Gawker]

    24. I'm obsessed with this photo of Lara Stone by Mario Testino in the January Issue of Vogue. The piece, titled "Tuscan Turnaround" is about how, amongst other things: "Life's simplest pleasures-wonderful food, hikes in the hills, massage from a master-can be the most rejuvenating." [Vogue Tumblr]

    25. Also, check out this article I'm in for Manhattan Magazine's January issue: [ManhattanMag]


    Finally, Happy Happy Birthday to my little brother R.J. who turns 19 today!

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