Rachelle's Reading List: The Weekly Edition

by Rachelle Hruska · April 24, 2016

    It's Beyonce's world, we're just living in it. So, do you think you can make it through her new hour long music video? Yes, yes you can. Last night, at 9pm EST, Beyonce debuted her new album "Lemonade" on Tidal (duh), and, in an hour long giant music video on HBO. And it is juuu-ice---ay. Filled with so much eye candy it was difficult for me to choose which photo to use (I'm a sucker for family moments like the one above), I'm an emotional wreck after it and will no longer be wondering about that crazy elevator incident. Beyonce is Queen. Also, can you even imagine what that deal must have looked like for HBO? $$$$. 

    I should just end here, but in case you want to look at another adorable photo from some world superpowers - check out this - the Obamas met Prince George for the very first time this week. The little prince was in a fluffy white bathrobe when he met our president. He is my new spirit animal. 

    Speaking of Princes, this week we lost the greatest one. Here's a look at four decades of his most glam style wins. And, here's a look at how some New Yorker's paid tribute

    The best thing I witnessed this week? The cast of Hamilton paying tribute to the Prince. I mean. It's everything.

    Pop stars are having a totally major week. Did you happen to pick up an issue of Vogue Magazine with Taylor Swift in an adorable bright blond cut? Don't miss her 73 questions video where Vogue went inside her LA home to hang. (Was anyone else surprised by her home decor?)

    What the hell happened to personal style

    Yes, Coachella is still going on. 

    I love seeing how people live in small spaces in NYC. This Brooklyn couple with two small children make 675 sq feet look insanely enviable

    A Tim Burton themed bar is coming to NYC. Really

    Queen Elizabeth's party planner is proud to wear $35 shoes

    The Raindrop cake is having a major moment in NYC. Here's what it tastes like. 

    What else? The $20 bill is having a major makeover, here's 10 celebrities that are secret stoners, Francisco Costa is leaving Calvin Klein, and James Franco had a moment with one of his biggest critics, Jerry Saltz. 

    Plus, something yummy to make, to buy, to read, and to see. You're so welcome!