Rachelle's Reading List, Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

by Rachelle Hruska · March 2, 2011

    Charlie Sheen is sending  us all on the most epic media bender of all time, Steve Jobs made a surprise on-stage appearance at the iPad2 unveiling, and Galliano makes public apology. Plus! Sneaker speakers, love for Anna dello Russo and where to find hot European guys in NYC! 1. The iPad2 was released hours ago. The freakishly thin width of the device wasn't the biggest shocker though, it was Steve Jobs who made a surprise on stage appearance.

    The iPad2 complete details: [Gizmodo] -Same prices as iPad : starting at $499 -Available on March 11th -Available on both AT&T and Verizon for 3G service (no 4G yet) -1/3 thinner than iPad -Front and back camera -Twice as fast CPU -Graphics are nine times faster [More Here]

    2. Charlie Sheen sending us all on the most epic media bender of all time. I can't think of a single other celeb incident, that actually had no incident attached to it (no theft, no DUI, etc), that has garnered more attention in the last 3 days than the non stop media blitz of Charlie Sheen.

    [Photo via Tumblr]

    The star joins twitter and starts quoting himself. [VF]

    CBS.com has posted a 58 page slideshow of Charlie Sheen's Goddesses. [CBS]

    ABC's Charlie Sheen interview attracted 9.3 million viewers making it #1 for the hour in all key demos. [@brianstelter]

    Sheen made a 3rd appearance on the Today show this morning to discuss his twins being removed from his home. [Today]

    A Charlie Sheen Dictionary: a totally gnarly, bi-winning guide to the best quotes of CS. [LATimes]

    Nate Freeman over at the Observer called in a bunch of NYC hotels acting as if he were Sheen's assistant trying to book a room for Charlie. Pretty clever. Here were the results: [TheObserver]

    The Pierre was totally accommodating. They would replace Coke in fridge with Pepsi, get Sheen a portable mirror, and two bottle of Johnnie Walker Black. They would not provide handcuffs however.

    The St. Regis. A bit concerned, said they will call back.

    The Waldorf-Astoria was welcoming. They would accommodate an extra rollaway for the goddesses but they would have to pay extra.

    The Plaza was surprisingly very accommodating. They were willing to bestow "The Eloise Suite" on Sheen...maybe.

    3. Galliano issues "unreserved" apology, vows to "seek help." Breaking his silence over the scandal that cost him his job as Christian Dior's couturier, John Galliano said, "Anti-Semitism and racism have no part in our society. I unreservedly apologize for my behavior in causing any offence." [WWD]

    "Who would have thought Galliano would go before Gaddafi? Wonder if Dior will have free elections?" [@Jemima_Khan]

    Galliano will stand trial over his racial insults, faces prison.  [Today]

    4. There is a spread of Japan Vogue Editor, Anna dello Russo in Net-a-Porter's Magazine today. I'm obsessed with Anna and the video is beyond fashionable. [NAP]

    5. The NYTimes is launching a GroupOn like deal site called "The Times Limited." Signup here: [TimesLimited]

    More than 101 ways to read the New York Times. [Capital]

    6. Check out the drawing room in the Manhattan apartment of jewelry designer Kenneth Jay Lane. I love looking inside NYC houses. [NYSD via kissmeimlazy]

    7. Rob Pattinson tells Vanity Fair (April issue) that dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart has been "traumatic." [MSNBC]  Check out him on the April cover here: [VF]

    8. Pope Benedict XVI has made a sweeping exoneration of the Jewish people for the death of Jesus Christ in a new book, tackling one of the most controversial issues in Christianity. [AP]

    9. The Palace launches an official royal wedding website. The site, officialroyalwedding2011.org, is the new home to all official wedding announcements and will be updated regularly. The FAQ section answers some very imp. questions, like if Prince William picked out the ring himself. [Today]

    10. The ten women who secretly control the Internet. Their achievements range from revolutionizing Wikipedia, to hacking. [MarySue]

    11. Check out Ten of NYC's coolest menswear stores. [Refinery29]

    12. Have you ever wondered what Meat Loaf's first name was? [Pats Papers]

    13. Pando Projects is a cool nonprofit that offers a digital platform to make local activism as easy and effective as possible. They are starting with 15 pilot projects in NYC. You can browse them here: [Pando]

    14. 1 million workers. 90 million iPhones. 17 suicides. Who's to Blame? An investigative look at the Foxconn plant in China and how technology is affecting suicide rates. [Wired]

    15. Art & Sole. Loving these sneaker speakers by Alex Nash. Read more about the project, which revolves around a competition that Havana Club is running, here: [Art&Sole]

    16. Anne Hathaway and James Franco apparently hate each other. No one saw that coming, right? [US]

    17. A New Jersey firm has created a two-inch cube that does the same job as a cell phone tower. Cell phone carriers say it's poised to "change the way the wireless industry operates." [NewarkStar]

    18. March Movie Reviews by [BlackBook]

    19. The Daily Beast's David Graham posts a gallery of Awkward Dictator Photos. [DB]

    20. Facebook will soon share users' phone numbers and addresses with 3rd parties. Why not take our souls while you're at it. [Yahoo]

    21. Justin Bieber celebrates his 17th birthday by flipping off the paps. heh. [Gawker]

    22. Hot Tip: Where to find hot foreign guys in NYC. [ChiaraAtik]

    23. Take a visual tour of music from the '90s courtesy of UK magazine "Select." The music magazine, which ran from 1990-2000 is in the process of scanning the contents and archiving it all online. From L7 to Björk and Placebo. [Flavorwire]

    24. Like real-estate porn? Then you'll def like @wsj's new iPad app, "WSJ House of the Day." Thanks [@sarahkunst]

    25. Britney Spears is on the cover is glowing on the cover of V Magazine. Shot by Mario Testino she's covered in Givenchy and actually does look radiant. She talks about her comeback album, Femme Fatale. [DailyMail]

    26. The TV character baby name dictionary. Flavorwire reveals what your name means according to the most reliable sources: television stereotypes. [FW]

    27. "Ultratope 1: Real City." Carl Skelton pays tribute to history on the Manhattan Bridge where his temporary installation is projecting the name, date of birth, and birthplace of some of the everyday people who helped shape NYC. [NYCThe]

    28. In 1970, the median age at first marriage for U.S. women was 20.8. Now it's 26. Women making strides, but still a major wage gap. [WSJ]

    29. I am majorly obsessed with this DIY bracelet and can't wait to make! [Honestlywtf]

    30. Was a Vanity Fair editor secretly working for the church of Scientology? "Gawker.com, where the author is employed as a staff wrtier, declined to publish this story." [Observer]

    31. RIGHT THIS SECOND Lady Gaga is walking in the Mugler runway show. [Twitter]

    32. Finally, leaving you with a peek inside the pirate themed bedroom of a very lucky 6 year-old. Designed by [Steve Kuhl]

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