Battle Of The Brands: Tracy Feith Vs. Vilebrequin

by Joseph Russell · June 19, 2008

    vilebrequin vs tracy fieth

    While I, and many Hamptons denizens, am rather fond of my flamboyantly hibiscus-flowered Vilebrequins, the fine staff at Surf Lodge has informed me that there's a new kid in town, whose swim trunks have patterns that are just as punchy. I'd come across Tracy Feith's Nolita flagship before, but I guess I'd been too distracted by the giant surfboards and kaleidescope dresses to notice the menswear.

    [Photo by Rob Rich]

    His shorts have a cut that's slightly narrower than Vilebrequins, and the inseam ends a bit lower on the thigh than the classic Master cut does. Whereas Vilebs tend to be neon or pastel, Feith goes for a combination of earth and jewel tones, and his prints have an Indian/hippie-with-a-sense-of-humor style. Price-wise, you're looking to spend about $200 for either, but Feith's go on sale more often. I think I like the cut, and many of the prints on Feith's shorts better, but Vilebs have all those classy extras, the metal tips on the laces, the waterproof wallet pocket, the nylon stuff sack. Soon, I'll get to SL before Tracy's boutique closes, and then I'll be able to make my decision. Until then, any input on your part will be much appreciated.