Dan Says...

by Joseph Russell · June 23, 2008

    Dan\'s Paper reviews

    I've biked by A Little of What You Fancy before, but, unsure as to whether its contents would be cute or twee, I've never bothered to determine the name's veracity. Thanks to Dan's Papers, I've figured out that the store does indeed hold a little of what I fancy, and that little would be Khiels. Unless I'm in Manhattan, or at the Barneys in the Chestnut Hill Mall back home, I have to buy my favorite retro-chic (though not, alas, retro-priced) bath and body products online, a process that is never as satisfying as its 3D sister. Now, it looks like I can forget about Khiels.com, if only for the summer. A Little of What You Fancy also stocks homemade chocolate, beeswax candles, and Orla Kiely totes to put them in. 

    [Image via Dan's Papers]