Light Speed Champion on VICE

by MIKEL MCCOY · May 19, 2008

    Vice magazineOK OK. I'll admit to the douchbagery of it all. I kinda like, ok ok, I really like Vice Magazine. I like the way the authors shit on things from people, to music, to ideas, to themselves. I like all the scantily clad American Apparel ads on the site, and I like the way that when Vice champions an artist (be them musical or otherwise), they do their best to blow them up, give them a little well needed and well placed publicity in the form of, say of video documentary of them practicing in their space or something like that.

    They've done it again giving Light Speed Champion his own Practice Space show on the recently Viacom purchased/burgeoning media empire that is VICE industries. Of course Light Speed was one of the Spring Essentials I'd mentioned earlier in the season, so it was double joy to peep this.

    [Light Speed Champion]