Stuff White People Like

by guestofaguest · February 27, 2008

    stuff white people like [Photo via SWPL] Stuff White People Like is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. In the words of Larry David, it is "pretty, pretty, pretty" hilarious...mainly because white people make it so easy to make fun of them (Note: I am a Caucasian from the middle of America). Here are some of my favorite things that white people like: "Public radio" (where all of their opinions are developed from), "expensive sandwiches", "kitchen gadgets", "Asian fusion food", "studying abroad", "microbreweries", "marathons", "yoga", "80s night", "Barack Obama" (for fear of being racist), "being the only white person around", "renovations", "sushi", "Sunday Times", "bottles of water", "making you feel bad about not going outside", "not having a tv" (the only reason they don't have a tv is so that they can inform people that they don't have a tv and to tell us how much they love public radio), "mos def" (the ultimate white man's rapper), and "assists" (because "In basketball, it’s kind of a must so that white guys can carve out a niche and guarantee acceptance on a team.")

    I can think of about 100 other things to add, Pellegrino water anyone? But for now, this list is at least a start as a pretty good online time waster, yet another thing white people (including this one) are known to do.

    [Mos Def and Old White Rolling Stone Man]