Why I Love The Cross Sound Ferry

by Joseph Russell · July 21, 2008

    long island ferry

    Because each of the ships is different (and one, the Cape Henlopen, landed at Normandy on D-Day). Because there's always a breeze. And tons of leg room. Because there's a deli, and it's actually decent. Because the deckhands are pleasant and cheery. Because the drive down the North Fork, past vineyard after farmhouse after farmstand after rolling field, is gorgeous and more than worth its distance.

    Because Orient Point itself is pretty quaint, with a very pretty stone beach and a nearby lighthouse. Because the view coming into New London at night (though not during the day) is twinkly plummy perfection. Because, while not cheap if you're traveling with your car ($50, plus $15 for every passenger besides the driver), it cuts the driving time from Bridgehampton to Boston by 3 hours, and the total trip time by an hour and a half.

    Because, as an awful and road rage-prone driver, that's so worth it. How many of you use it?