This Princess Is Giving Up Her Royal Title For Love

by Millie Moore · September 5, 2017

    When you're in a relationship you have to make sacrifices. The boy has to give up his little black book from his playboy days, he has to sell off some of his terrible wardrobe choices (who wears a fedora?!), he has to rein it in on rowdy nights out with the boys. And the girl has to...well, the girl doesn't really have to give up much. But Princess Mako may be the exception.

    Princess Mako of Japan is so enamored with her college beau that they're well on their way to making a trip down the aisle. Oh so adorable, right? Well, how much can a love story like this melt your cold, cold heart when you realize she's giving up her royal title to be with him? Princess Mako was never in line to inherit the throne, but she still got to make the most of the luxe lifestyle that comes that comes with the regal moniker.

    The romantic in me thinks, "Oh wow, this is so sweet! So noble!" But then I realize that the romantic in me is dead because if fellow royal couple Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian can't make it, who really can? (He's a Lord, remember?) So is there really a boy out there that is truly worth this kind of sacrifice? And can't her royal connections hook her up with someone whose of equal affluence? And when Mako and her betrothed inevitably get into arguments, how bitter is he going to be throughout their union when she routinely holds over him, "I gave up my royal title for you!" Is this dude so naive that he doesn't realize that once a girl finds something to hold over you, she'll do it for life?

    TL;DR: You wanna find a boy that's worth giving up a royal title for, but you don't wanna actually give up said royal title.