Facebook Status Report Roundup And Twitterific Tweets

by Rachelle Hruska · May 21, 2009

    Jesse Oxfeld has decided he hates those Select-a-Size Bounty paper towels. 30 minutes ago


    Keith Lissner Prelude to episode 3 posted on my blog! Check it out...cute pic attached! http://blog.keithlissner.com/ Make sure to tune in tonight at 10est. on Bravo! 32 minutes ago

    @AshleySimko Being up this early is for the birds... Literally. Their chirping is the only thing I can hear right now. about 3 hours ago from Tweetie

    More status updates below...

    @MaryRambin When we tweet, we hope someone is listening/reading. Let's be honest, we need that. I need that right now. I'm...confused about 7 hours ago from TweetDeck

    Christopher London The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NY= A Real Model (Kelly), A Skinny Bitch (Betheny), A Plastic Surgery Science Project (Jill), A Faux Countess, A Schizo (Ramona) and Alex McCord. Can we mix it up please, maybe get a girl that a guy would actually like to be married to? 9 hours ago

    Adrien Field Traded the step and repeat at The Gates for a production call with @jessiefuller--the most amazing producer ever. So excited now! 10 hours ago

    @alexandraalexis omg 90210 cast is here,and office cast members THE party of the night!! about 10 hours ago from mobile web