Twitter On Paper Generating Hand-Made Twitter Tweets...

by Rachelle Hruska · May 27, 2009

    Twitter On Paper, by Sam Potts, (via simko) is a free service that generates hand-made one-of-a-kind editions of Twitter tweets. Proof that we are all nostalgic for the olden days of hand written notes, but are all too lazy to actually write them?

    How does Twitter on Paper work? Twitter on Paper is a new service that allows you to request paper editions of tweets. ’Editions‘ isn’t really the right word, since they are one of a kind. But basically, how it works is: you ask for a tweet and I mail one to you. By post. In the real world. No way. It’s just that simple? Pretty much, yes. There are two types of tweets you can request: new and old. If you select New Tweet, I’ll make something up and send it to you. If you request Old Tweet, you can then specify which tweet you’d like. And you’re doing this why? Recently we’ve seen a number of new services that help you put tweets on things. No one is putting tweets on paper. It’s a shame. Twitter on Paper changes all that. We aim to demonstrate that a paper-based media model can compete in the modern marketplace. Why would anyone want a tweet on a piece of paper? I have no idea. (via)