Twitterific Hampton Tweets...

by GofG Public · September 10, 2009

    @LauraKatzenberg Worst part of summer being over is the brutal traffic in nyc no matter what time of day. Y aren't there any of the best doctors downtown :-( about 14 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @thegreenmonkeys still having back to school flashback nightmares about 20 hours ago from web -------

    @CarsonGriffith The Hamptons were holding us hostage. We are STILL not back in the city. the end. about 3 hours ago from txt

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    @RoyalPains_USA HAMPTONS WORD OF THE DAY: "Long Island Ice Tea"- a drink consisting of whatever alcohol is immediately available. about 16 hours ago from HootSuite

    @KatieLeeJoel The lowdown on Hamptons BurgerBloodbath from GothamGal about 10 hours ago from web -----

    @kendramiaseay The @GofGHamptons mobile is packed. Leaving the beach one last time with @CarsonGriffith... finally on our way to NYC about 5 hours ago from web