Twitterific Tweets- The NYC Prep Show Edition

by Rachelle Hruska · June 24, 2009

    Apparently I missed the show that everyone was talking about last night;  NYC Prep on Bravo. Thankfully, my friends on Twitter were giving me the play-by-play. Ariel Moses (@arielilana herself a NYC Prep School graduate) wins for her hilarious commentary throughout the entire show. Check out what her and the rest of the Tweeters had to say about NYC Prep:

    blue-and-cream@blueandcream B&C on Bravo's NYC PREP this week & next. set your tivo about 7 hours ago from web


    danny-shea@danielshea My rankings: 1. PC 2. Kelli 3. Sebastian 4. Taylor 5. Camille 6. Jessie #nycprep about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry


    lifev@Lifevicarious"YOU THREW A MOTHERFUCKING BOTTLE OF WATER AT ME!" about 8 hours ago from web


    More tweets below...

    ariel-moses@arielilana wait..are the drinks virgins..or you? #nycprep about 10 hours ago from web


    greg-litley1@littleylittley@misswill and PC is my slighty younger brother, could you IMAGINE if we grew up in NYC? ...#Nycprep @bravoandy about 8 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    kelly-will1@misswillI'd like 5 minutes alone with Sebastian. Kid needs to be taught how to be a decent human being. What a little shit. @littleylittley about 8 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    lifev1@Lifevicarious Who knew high school girls ate at STK before Gossip Girl ruined it? And people laughed when it was marketed as a womens steakhouse. about 9 hours ago from web

    doree@doreeshafrirNot very impressed w/NYC Prep. Boring, annoying characters and general ickiness. Was hoping it would be something I hated to love. about 10 hours ago from web

    ariel-moses1@arielilana ahh cafe 212, old stomping ground. by old i mean- they're still having underage kids there? #nycprep about 10 hours ago from web

    kristin-luciano@KLuciano NYC PREP does not equal Gossip Girl about 10 hours ago from web


    jessica-coen@jessicacoen Thanks, Bravo, for the gentle reminder that Manhattanites should be spayed and neutered. about 10 hours ago from web