"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" The Dance Floor Is Alive And Well In Montauk

by GofG Public · September 2, 2009

    [All photos by R. Cole for ROB RICH] We know that a night out at Surf Lodge involves relaxing by the water on a Tracy Feith print bed with a drink in hand, your buddies all around, and taking in a performance from which ever musical artist Surf Lodge has on deck for the evening. We can't get enough of the Montauk chill spot for all of those reasons, but we're glad to see these two enjoying Surf Lodge in their own way by ripping up the dance floor. They may have been the only ones spotted dipping, spinning, and twirling indoors, but this dancing duo (who has apparently seen one too many episodes of Dancing With the Stars) we're two of many as the outdoor crowd let loose showing off their rump shaking skills as the booze kept flowing and the sun went down. -------

    More photos below...