Beware of iPhone Snatchers

by guestofaguest · August 1, 2011

    Stephanie and MollyIn this economy, thieves are getting more and more brazen with their acquisitions.

    On Friday night, Molly Leutbecker was hailing a cab with her bestie Stephanie after a night on U Street. "This guy walked by us, turned around and then bolted by and grabbed it out of my hand!"

    Molly spent a part of her Saturday afternoon buying a new iPhone and accepting calls through Stephanie's cellphone.

    iPhone snatching is also happening on metros.

    iPhone thieves are not targeting specific people, nor are they after purses or wallets. Everyone is at risk that has an iPhone. Keep a tight grip of your phone and hold it close to you when you're using it in public places. And, for goodness sake, stop dawdling and get the "Find my iPhone" app on your phone. You don't want some stranger taking your turn on Words with Friends.