DC Taxicab Commission Threatening To Close Down Uber--Take Their Survey And Tell Them Not To!

by Sophie Pyle · January 12, 2012

    I was recently forwarded a customer service survey from the DC Taxicab Commission, which was to address their increase in fees and let citizens help choose a uniform color for their cabs.

    Uhhhhhhh. What? Aren't there bigger fish to fry, like forcing cab drivers to take direct routes as opposed to circuitous, fare-hiking detours? The problem with DC cabs isn’t cosmetic, but ethical.


    [Washington Post's Going Out Guru Fritz Hahn @fritzhahn]

    Uber, the luxury car service that isn't totally comprised of a bunch of dishonest people driving rickity cabs with exposed seat foam, has been taking DC by storm, undoubtedly because they are doing such a fantastic job. Uber is simply a more pleasurable experience all around, one that should be the standard, not a luxury, in the Nation’s capital.

    Uber drivers (at least, the ones I’ve taken so far) keep their cell phones off and take the fastest route, and all take credit cards because they are connected to an iPhone app. Sometimes you luck out with a seven-seater SUV, and they don't charge more for extra butts in their leather seats. Oh my gosh, I really could go on and on...

    [You can even track the car coming toward you!]

    Unfortunately, they have come under fire by the DC Taxicab Commission for being "illegal" and according to Washingtonian, Commissioner Ron Linton plans to "do something about it."

    I am furious that the district is limiting our choices in transportation, and you should be too. Take their survey or complain to the commission!

    pssst--Travis, give Ron some free rides so he can see what the hubbub is about. I promise he will fall in love with Uber like the rest of DC!

    [The crew lucks out with a 7-seater last weekend]

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