Meet Nicole Mills: Our New DC Managing Editor!

by Sophie Pyle · September 3, 2013

    I had so much fun interviewing candidates to take my spot as DC Managing Editor of this ridiculously fun website. Nicole Mills, a former intern on our team who just graduated from GW a few months ago, is rising to the occasion. Here's just a taste of what you need to know about Washington's newest party girl (and catch me writing about art, people, dining and more at next week!) -Sophie

    From: Glastonbury, Connecticut Age: 22 To Fur or not to Fur: To (Faux) Fur!! It's cheaper and still looks chic. (I've been a pescatarian for over 7 years now.) You'll often find me grabbing drinks with friends... I just moved to Adams Morgan so I'm currently exploring all that it has to offer. But I'm also really digging 14th Street these days. My biggest weakness: If I go a day without coffee, I will be immobilized with a headache. Some may consider this an addiction but don't start planning any interventions. If I could have a superpower, it would be: I love to be able to apparate à la Harry Potter. I could instantly be in any city in the world and would never have to worry about being late again. Favorite cocktail: Margarita. Salt on the rim, please. Favorite bar: I love the Brixton rooftop since I am a sucker for any and all rooftop bars. Plus, its proximity to the 9:30 Club is perfect for a drink before or after a show. Favorite DC boutique: Charm Georgetown has a great selection of jewelry, and I find great gifts there all the time.

    If you need help with your party, email Nicole at!