Best $2k I Ever Spent! Nas Parties At The Park At 14th, Gives An Impromptu Performance

by Ebonie Johnson Cooper · August 28, 2012

Moet Hennessy-sponsored Park Fridays was brimming anticipation so thick Friday night you could just taste it. Guests waited with bated breaths, packed like sardines on every level of The Park at 14th, waiting for the man of the hour: Nas, aka Mr. Nasir Jones, the multi-platinum rapper and actor.

Women couldn't keep from drooling at the empty VIP velvet-roped area. Grown men tried their best to play it cool with their camera phones in hand. And then, just past 12:30am, the man of the hour casually strolled in. He nodded here and there, smiling his coy smile.

Nas was certainly no stranger to the fanfare around him. Screams from partygoers quickly took over any semblance of music. The only person who could calm the crowd guessed it, Nas himself! Nas hopped on the mic and rocked what seemed to be every hit he's had, from If I Ruled the World to Bye Baby. Nas in the center of The Park at 14th was truly a sight to behold.

After his impromptu performance, Nas proceeded, in his signature down-to-earth celebrity form, to hug a few ladies, sign even more autographs, then chill in the VIP section as he tried his best to remain unfazed by swarms of groupies longing to get within centimeters of his charm.

[Photos courtesy Talk of DC by Jeff D.]