Capital Chatter: August 29

by guestofaguest · August 29, 2011

    Maryland Fox reporter covered in toxic sea foam in an obvious attempt to have the most shocking hurricane footage [Fox]

    "Social Safeway" hysteria before Irene [94.7 Fresh FM]

    Salahi winery assets, not property, up for auction (does this mean the party will go on?) [Reliable Source]

    Socialite Katherine Kennedy and former Miss DC Kate Marie Grinold volunteered in Breast Cancer tele-thon [Facebook] [WNBA]

    Kiss bassist Gene Simmons wants Condi Rice to be Rick Perry's running mate [Politico]

    Shaw's Tavern struggles through opening month with no liquor license [Washington City Paper]

    Photos of Irene's destruction in VA/DC/MD [Washington Times]

    Ryan Zimmerman has bus photoshoot for girlfriend Heather Downen's employer, Venga [Facebook]

    Norman Rockwell's iconic Ruby Bridges painting now hanging in West Wing [Washington Post]