Capital Chatter: Earthquake Edition

by guestofaguest · August 25, 2011

    So we're still getting our ducks in a row as we re-launch Guest of a Guest DC, but one of the things we're going to start doing is highlighting some of DC's most interesting social news, so you're not left out of the chatter at your next dinner party! This is our first one, but if you have any recs please email them to

    Ex-Sarah Palin administrative assistant and current Wasilla City Council member Steve Menard got drunk, trashed a hotel [Wonkette]

    RHODC's Lynda Erkeletian was alone in elevator during DC earthquake [Facebook]

    National Zoo animals react to earthquake (some react before, some after the quake) [National Zoo]

    Dick Cheney to release a tell-all book (he had a secret resignation letter in a safe!) [MSNBC]

    NBA's Greg Monroe has been taking summer classes at Georgetown, had wallet found by fellow Hoya on Prospect Street [Georgetowner]

    Cracks found in Washington Monument after earthquake [NY Times]

    Compilation of best earthquake one-liners from late night TV [Politico]

    Bristol Palin's ex, Levi, ops to push book instead of run for mayor of Wasilla [Yeas & Nays]

    Half Dozen Georgetown Cupcakes for every Kardashian wedding guest [Yeas & Nays]