Complex Lists DC's Douchiest Bars

by Kyle O'Donnell · August 28, 2012

    Haters gonna hate, y'all. Complex, the self entitled "original buyer's guide for men," just published their list of DC's 25 Douchiest Bars and some of them hit too close to home. WASPy playgrounds like George and Smith Point broke the top ten at 8 and 3, respectively. I think someone's upset they aren't on the list!

    Other "douchy" highlights include Town Hall in Glover, Rhino (probably due to the influx of Georgetown students including yours truly), and Madhatter. Only one can reign "douche supreme," however. McFadden's, home of the GW Coed, was lucky enough to make the list of several city's douchiest bars. Keep up the good work, McFadden's!

    Although we don't agree with you, Complex Magazine, we have some parting words. If you can't beat us, join us! Oh wait, you're not on the list. AWKWARD!!!