Washington Social News: January 27

by guestofaguest · January 27, 2012

    John Kerry wearing sunglasses indoors at meetings, Spike and Rachael dine, Drew Barrymore screens "Big Miracle" and more are making social headlines this week in Washington.

    Drew Barrymore brought her fiance with her to the DC screening of "Big Miracle." The after-party was at Sequoia. Find out who all was there: [Washingtonian]

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    Senator John Kerry has to wear sunglasses when he met with the president of Palestine earlier this month because he had black eyes from a hockey accident. [Reliable Source]

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    Rachael Ray and Spike Mendelsohn spotted at a group dinner at Rasika [Reliable Source]

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    Alec Baldwin will be in town this spring to give a speech at the National Press Club. Tickets just went on sale. [Yeas & Nays]