Washington Social News - June 12

by Kyle O'Donnell · June 12, 2012

    Joan Rivers doubts the District will buy her book (and hates us for it) [Politico]

    Did Obama reference Michelle's, um, "oral skills" at a speech in LA? [The Blaze]

    George H.W. Bush does not have Beiber Fever [Politico]

    In the shadows of the possibility of DC's first whitemayor, stats show that DC is home to three of America's most-whitened zip codes [District of DeBonis]

    Phi Phi O'Hara and DiDa Ritz of RuPaul's Drag Race were seen at Commissary and no one really cared [Distriction]

    The Corcoran Gallery of Art is considering moving out of the District but wants to hear from you [The Examiner]

    Cry-Baby John Boehner disses dashing Luke Russert [GofG]

    In "This-Guy-Is-Still-Around?" News, Pauly Shore is filming in DC [Yeas and Nays]

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