Washington Social News - October 26

by Kyle O'Donnell · October 26, 2012

    Tim Gunn made it work in DC this week. [Yeas and Nays]

    Move over, Anderson Cooper. Lindsay Lohan is my new favorite political pundit. [BuzzFeed]

    Maria Shriver stepped out of California and brunched at Blue Duck. [Yeas and Nays]

    I wish that Sarah Jessica Parker was half punny as Carrie Bradshaw. [Click]

    That Ayn Rand is so hot right now. [Daily Intel]

    Is DC gonna take away my Big Gulp?!?! [District of Debonis]

    MTV will be filming at Georgetown University today. It's finally my chance to become Lauren Conrad! [Georgetown University]

    Ann Romney reveals some of her kitchen secrets. [Gawker]

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