UPDATE: Celebs Spotted At Kafe Leopold/L2 Power Lunch

by guestofaguest · October 12, 2011

    We saw a slew of actresses from Hollywood slide in through a side door of L2 Lounge for a lunch hosted by Kafe Leopold.  You could see the red soled heels from 20 ft away!  Soleil Moon Frye, aka “Punky Brewster,” was donning a large high-end camera from the group’s recent visit to the First Lady’s East Wing, where they met with three senior members of the staff (including Tina Chen) to discuss the need to address a “healthy media campaign” for how women are portrayed in media.

    Following the meeting at the White House, which included a quick jump into the Oval Office, the crew were met by Bridget Nurre of the Today Show and Lindsey Mask of Ladies DC/ Global Vision Communications for a debrief lunch.

    The crew included:

    Founders of I AM THAT GIRL – Alexis Jones and Emily Greener

    Ara Katz (Producer, the head of Beachmint)

    Sophia Bush - actress (One Tree Hill)

    Kristen Bell - actress (voice of Gossip Girl)

    Soleil Moon Frye - actress (Punky Brewster), mom ambassador for Target

    Casey Connor - celebrity dj

    Megan and Liz Mace - YouTube stars, singer songwriters

    Shaun Robinson - Access Hollywood

    Jess Weiner - confidence expert, Intl Dove real beauty ambassador

    Clare Bresnahan - Girls Scouts USA

    Deborah Taylor Tate - Healthy Media commission

    Lindsey Mask, Emily Greener, Alexis Jones, Bridget Nurre

    [Lindsey Mask, Emily Greener, Alexis Jones, Bridget Nurre]

    UPDATE: They must have had a lot of "mupload" fun on their van ride to the White House! We found this picture of Sophia Bush, Shaun Robinson and Soleil Moon Frye on Frye's blog:

    And this one on Sophia Bush's twitter:

    Above Group Photo Via