J. Biebs Disses Bill Clinton

by Kyle O'Donnell · July 11, 2013

    Whudda thunk that this year's epic celebrity feud would be between a former Commander in Chief and a teen sensation?!

    The saga started when TMZ unveiled a video of J. Biebs urinating in a mop bucket in a NYC kitchen. It was all fun and watersports games until Justin decided to get political.

    Things escalated when Justin after he and the unnamed cameraman declare themselves as the Wild Kidz, proving that Justin is truly the kid everyone hated in high school. He continued to use cleaning products in new innovative ways by accosting a picture of Bill Clinton with a spray bottle of cleaning supplies. The cherry on top of this gauche sunday was Bieber's yelling of "F**k Bill Clinton!" repeatedly. And they say too much money can ruin kids...

    But fear not, Beliebers! He did some damage control.

    Supposedly, Bieber and Bill had a nice chat over the phone, according to Click. To prove that he isn't the douche that he really is, Justin took to Twitter to praise Bill for being a #greatguy. Is this really what the world is coming to?

    It seems that we can all rest tight knowing that Justin Bieber and Bill Clinton have worked out this little tiff.

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