Kerry Washington Denies Actually Flirting With The President

by Sophie Pyle · January 16, 2013

    It seems as though Kerry Washington's Scandal fans are taking her acting a little too seriously. Kerry plays crisis management consultant Olivia Pope on the show, a young woman that tries to temper her former flame for the president. We all saw Kerry publicly campaign for Obama (she even spoke at the DNC convention!) so it's easy to see why people might think the sparks could fly...

    In fact, tabloid rag National Enquirer said that Kerry was banned from ever entering the White House by the First Lady.

    But that's just Olivia Pope, not Kerry Washington, she told the London Evening Standard:

    “I sit on Obama’s president’s committee for the arts and education,” she says, “and Michelle is the official co-chair, so it is not even logical. It was so obviously familiar from the plot of my show — it sounded like Olivia Pope, not Kerry Washington. When I read it I thought, ‘Wow, people are really into Scandal’.”

    So, move along now, no scandal to see here.

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    h/t Politico