Daily Style Phile: DC's Bachelor, Andy Baldwin

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · May 14, 2010

    According the Andy Baldwin's website, he is a US Navy doctor, triathlete and humanitarian. He neglects to mention that he was also featured on The Bachelor as The Bachelor, but maybe he cringes just thinking about it - and we can't really blame him.


    Judging from his photos, there's nothing this "doctor-humanitarian-triathlete" can't do.

    There's "Formal Andy", which features Baldwin in a svelte tux while posing with Rosario Dawson... clearly there's too much attractiveness in one picture so it couldn't be a full body shot - that would just be overkill.

    Then there is "Casual Andy", who represents his Navy pride in a gray tee and khaki cutoffs. As you'll see in the upcoming pictures, though, Andy's not too keen on wearing shirts unless he absolutely has to.

    A unhealthy dose of narcissism is basically a requirement to be The Bachelor. So Andy loves to show off his six pack whenever he can - and since he has to wear something on the bottom (pesky decency laws!), he prefers anything tight and spandex-y.

    But then he goes and does things like this. Visiting kids in hospitals in full-on Navy garb. Going to developing countries and smiling with children in silly hats. And, once again, we're in love.

    [All images via AndyBaldwin.com]