New Home Grown Organic Alcohol Available In DC

by Leigh Genetti · April 19, 2013

    The latest addition to the adult beverage market gives sipping bubbly a whole new meaning. Recently released to Washington DC-area retailers, restaurants, bars and specialty grocers, TEAVINE combines the sweet taste of organic honey and green tea with white wine to create a deliciously sweet after-work drink.

    The company was founded by DC native James Henry, who holds a lifelong passion for delicious foods made from the finest ingredients. Dedicated to his healthy lifestyle, Henry set out to create the newest standard in alcoholic beverages, making products from only organic and natural ingredients. Unlike other liquors that are composed of mainly corn syrup, dyes, and preservatives, TEAVINE contains no artificial coloring or additives making it the healthier boozing option than the rest.

    Looking to get your organically-charged drink on? Find TEAVINE at these DC dining and retail locations:

    A1 Liqours - 14th and K St NW

    Crown Liquors - 1325 Connecticut NW

    Cleavland Park Liquors - 3423 Connecticut NW

    Sherry's Wine and Spirits - 2627 Connecticut NW

    Modern Liquors - 1200 9th Street NW

    Alero Restaurant - 1301 U Street NW

    Dixie Liquors - 3429 M Street NW

    Tunnel Fine Wine & Spirits - 311 H Street NW

    Yes Organic Market - 410 8th Street SE

    Young's Global Liquors - 4520 Benning Road, SE

    Brookland Cafe - 3740 12th Street NE

    Riggs Liquor - 5581 South Dakota Ave NE

    S&S Liquor - 6925 4th Street NW

    Bloomingdale Liquors - 1836 1st Street NW

    Sunset Liquors - 1627 1st Street NW

    Sportsman's Wine and Liquors - 3249 Mt. Pleasant Street NW

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