One Hundred Percent's Sweet Spot Soft Opening

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 13, 2010

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    One Hundred Percent hosted the soft opening of Sweet Spot last night for which DJ Chris Burns and Wild North's Sami Y provided the beats.  It was buck.

    Despite it being a school night, youngsters and more seasoned nightlife vets ventured out (after the rain stopped) to Dupont's new house music hot spot, Sweet Spot.

    One Hundred Percent hosted the spot's soft opening last night and brought in locally-based talent, DJ Chris Burns and Wild North's Sami Y to provide the evening's entertainment.

    As the night wore on, more and more people piled into the intimate space whose capacity fits a mere 200 people.  Thank goodness for the three AC units Sweet Spot installed: it can get pretty nasty in basement venues when everyone's dancing their faces off (and it's humid to being with outside).

    Something tell us, though, that a little sweat would not have deterred last night's partiers: they were there to dance and that's really all they seemed to care about.

    It's a good thing Chris and Sami know how to deliver the beats.

    See?  C Burns delivers the beats, as Sami Y observes