Alton Lane Holiday Party

by Alex Max · December 2, 2011

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    In honor of their first expansion beyond the bounds of Manhattan, Alton Lane Clothiers hosted a holiday bash in their gorgeous new Dupont Circle showroom. With 12-year Balvenie on pour, and the unrivalled, hand-tailored suits of Alton Lane lining the walls, DC’s preppy crowd had a ball.

    [Alton Lane\'s Peyton Jenkins and Colin Hunter]

    Alton Lane is seeking to make hand-tailored clothing more accessible to the average fashionable male. It was common to observe partygoers stopping to admire the beautiful menswear hanging in the showroom, pausing to peruse and run the fabric through their fingers.

    [Reed Landry, Keith Huffman]

    We can expect an expansion beyond suits and shirts from Alton Lane. They just received their wool and silk winter ties, and look out for some possible monogrammed boxers in time for Valentines Day.

    All in all, the kind of party where the quality of scotch was only surpassed by the quality of hand-tailored suits.

    [Beau Burke]

    [Lauren Shalleck, Kyle Craft]