DJ Chest Rockwell Plays To A Packed House For GLOW Josephine

by Sophie Pyle · January 10, 2012

    Go HERE for more pictures by Frank Wilson and GofG!

    DJ Chest Rockwell brought an attractive crowd to GLOW Josephine on Friday night, and spun house beats into the wee hours of the morning.

    [DJ Chest Rockwell, Lindsay Sustarsic, Max Kirschenbaum] [Lamberto Erb, Natalie Hensley] [Lanie Bird Parr, Victoria Bodnar]

    Guests danced to his music (and dodged the clumsy Josephine mop guy) and indulged in cocktails by the Josephine cocktail girls. The crowd was comprised of recent GW alums, Hot Hundreds, devoted Chest Rockwell fans and Josephine regulars.

    [Samir Kapadia, Jonathan Taft, Pat Andrews] [Sarah Valerio, Britt McHenry] [Marisa Cattoi, GofG's Sophie Pyle]

    DJ Chest Rockwell kept the energy high all night, and we hope he plays for GLOW again!