Guest Of A Guest Happy Hour At A Bar

by Sophie Pyle · September 21, 2012

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    Last night, A Bar hosted GofG readers and socials for a happy hour under a picture perfect 72-degree evening evening. Guests sipped on mixologist Brennan Adam's signature cocktails, like the spicy Midnight in Paris and the special "Plus One" cryodot cocktail--a pink and green frozen beverage of the same consistency as Dippin' Dots. Dry Ice occasionally spilled over the bar as Brennan mixed each batch.

    A Bar, at the base of Avenue Suites, has been a must-hit watering hole since it first opened in late June.

    Guests included: Hostesses Allison Somers, Lauren Wynns, and Natalie Weygandt; Miss City of Alexandia 2013 Amanda Jones, Amit Anand, Chris Anderson, Maureen Beach, Brannen Blazer, David Van Fleet Bloys, Leah DyrudAlyssa FarahClaire Ferguson, Todd Flournoy, Lauren Gilmore, Kimberly Glenn, Kirsten Good, Daniel Heider, Lindsey Johnson, Adam Klopp, Richard Lee VI, Vivian Leslie, Ashley Mason-Greene, Adam Noah, Earl Pinto, Allison Prescott, Jim RaybornKaitlyn Reilly, Vicki RobellaCourtney Jane Rosellini, Tace Joelle Samet, Andrea Szempruch, Tania Michelle Taylor, Sarah Valerio, John Wright, and GofG's Kyle O'Donnell.

    [Adam Noah, Lindsey Johnson, Kyle O'Donnell, Allison Somers] [Chris Anderson, David Van Fleet Bloys]

    [Alyssa Farah, Vivian Leslie] [John Wright, Jim Rayborn]

    [Earl Pinto, Jessica Kirchoff] [Leah Dyrud, Kirsten Good, Maureen Beach]

    [Vicki Robella, Lauren Gilmore]

    [Amanda Jones] [Todd Flournoy, Allison Prescott]