Inside Connect113's March Connector Workshop With Jeff Porro

by Morgan Evans · March 9, 2015


    Last week in the DMV, budding entrepreneurs made their way to Alexandria, VA, to gather insight from  acclaimed speech writer and author, Jeff Porro, on how speech writing plays a role in entrepreneurship. Just in case you missed it, we've got all the details on the exclusive Connect113 workshop presentation!

    On Wednesday, March 4, Connect113, home to many entrepreneurs and startup-hopefuls, welcomed nationally renowned speechwriter Jeff Porro, for the latest Connector workshop. Each month Alexandria’s premiere co-working space welcomes an industry-specific expert entrepreneur to both educate and inspire those walking in their footsteps. Featured speaker, Jeff Porro, author of Words That Mean Success, has created an enviable career from coaching Fortune 250 CEOs, and leading some of the nation’s most influential nonprofits, to serving as a Senate staffer as well as a State Department official. Porro's 20+ career has taught him the ins and outs of the business word that he now provides to his successors.


    In the first half of the workshop, Porro drew upon his two decades of experience providing practical advice, displaying how leaders can use the spoken word to engage the audiences most important to their success.   He touched on some key points from his book, including how strong speeches, talks, and presentations can help professionals boost their organizations. Porro then shared his basic, yet effective speech recommendations to the audience.


    In the second half of the workshop, Porro examined specific communication challenges faced by today's entrepreneurs and provided examples on how to take their presentations to the next level. He stated: “balance is important, whether it’s with comparing and contrasting or question and answer sessions, make sure you have a balanced amount of speech time to whatever follows [i.e. a Q&A session shouldn’t be longer than the speech itself] whichever is longer in length is what your audience is going to take away with them.”

    Through Porro's presentation, attendees were enlightened on the concept of effective speech writing and how it can be an important device for many entrepreneurs, even if it’s not your profession! Every industry requires those essential conversations, and whether it's between clients or superiors, Porro shows us that speech writing is a powerful tool, which can help expand the entrepreneur's skill set.


    113 S Columbus St, Ste 100

    Alexandria, VA 22314