Malaria No More Holiday Party

by Sophie Pyle · December 14, 2012

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    Socials were spotted all over the Huntsmans' residence in Kalorama for the Malaria No More Young Ambassadors Holiday Party, and the launch of Ashley Taylor Bronczek's WEAR project bracelets. Guests enjoyed light holiday-themed bites and cocktails, a live pianist, and stole peeks at the former Chinese ambassador's family photos (some from his recent run for US President).

    Ashley's WEAR project bracelets will come in different colors. Last night, guests were buying up the orange bracelets, which benefit Malaria No More.

    What They Wore: Mary Anne wore a yellow frock by Shoshanna with black kitten heels. Ashley wore a floor-length melon dress by BCBG with an Ann Hand necklace and, of course, her WEAR bracelet.

    Guests includedJon Huntsman, Mary Anne Huntsman, Mary Kaye Huntsman, Ashley Taylor Bronczek, Matt BronczekMark EinAsha HuntsmanBrandon AndrewsJohn Arundel, David Bowen, Marybeth Coleman, Keyana Corliss, Lindsey DrathWinston Bao LordBarbara Martin, Alexandra McNair, Ray ReganKaitlyn ReillyJayne SandmanKatherine Tarbox, Richard Thayer, Anna VanMeter, and Miriam Warren.

    [Mark Ein, Ashley Taylor Bronczek] [Mary Anne Huntsman, Richard Thayer]

    [Mary Anne Huntsman, Miriam Warren, Winston Bao Lord, Barbara Martin, Jayne Sandman]

    [Ashley Taylor Bronczek, Matt Bronczek] [Marybeth Coleman, John Arundel, Anna VanMeter]

    [The youngest Huntsman, Asha, quietly snags a cookie]

    ["Recognize those curtains? That painting?" John Arundel holds up the Washington Life cover from November, which features Mary Anne & Mary Kaye Huntsman photographed in their home.]

    [Jon, Mary Anne, Mary Kaye and Asha Huntsman]