Social Safeway Grocery In Store Throws Red Carpet-Worthy Party

by CHRISTINE DELARGY · May 7, 2010

    Social SafewayIt’s not every day that you don a cocktail dress and walk a red carpet into a grocery store-- but this is no ordinary grocery store. Called “Social Safeway,” it’s a Georgetown staple, where years ago singles used to mingle for hot weekend dates (seriously!). Now expanded to 71,000 square feet, it’s the largest grocery store in the District and newly renovated to the nines!

    DC-ers toasted the store’s re-opening last night with Dom Perignon, Cristal and every bar you could possibly imagine- cheese bar, wine bar, cappuccino bar, chocolate bar- there was even a martini bar where Safeway served the “socialtini.” The cabernet flavored gelato was a personal fave.

    Social SafewayPhilip Dufour threw the unique party- his last event was the MSNBC White House Correspondents Dinner after-party on just Saturday night. Like that after-party, “Social Safeway” brought out the VIPS, including White House Director of Communications for the First Lady’s Office Camille Johnston and White House assistant chef Sam Kass, a number of Congressmen and Senators and various media types.

    And young Washington’s social scene staples Angie Goff, Matt Dornic, Glenn Ballard, Kiki Ryan, Kate Michael, Tim Burger and Amie Parnes graced the party aisles.

    - Social Safeway

    Social Safeway

    Social SafewaySocial Safeway