The Summer Sidewalk Sale At Bethesda Row

by Carole Zidouemba · July 23, 2012

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    This past weekend, DC-area fashionistas and recessionistas braved the rainy weather to enjoy the Summer Sidewalk sale at Bethesda Row. Stores had tables and racks set up with various merchandise at amazing prices--some stores offered up to 75% off! Although the sale was supposed to be on the sidewalk, the "London-like weather" prompted most stores to move indoors. Customers still showed up en masse and enjoyed the festivities such as live music, food samples, and sales.

    Our favorite thing at the sidewalk sale? Michael George, the one man steel band. While playing the steel drums, he also played the harmonica, percussion drums, cymbals, and sang. He claims he is not talented; he just doesn't like depending on band members. Sure enough, his music echoed beautifully on Bethesda Lane all weekend without anyone else getting in the way. Let's hope we see Michael again soon.

    [Michael George]

    [Adrienne Palmer, Nora Shuler] [J. McLaughlin] [Kristen Burke]

    [The Pink Palm]

    [The Pink Palm]


    [Rachel Edwards, Hannah Lennard] [Urban Chic] [Rachel Edwards, Andrea Wyant]

    [Megan Sands, Lauren Catts]

    [Ginger] [Gillian Markert, Hobson Feltus]

    [Lucy] [Nicole Vetsch, Wendy McGrane]