Five Guys vs. Shake Shack

by SARAH FLOREA · August 17, 2010

    At Five Guys, the impossible is definitely possible with 250,000 possible ways to order your burger!  They cater to all types of burger lovers..and hone in on what you like best.  Unlike those fast food joints who just slap it all on, five guys is known for their lists of ingredients and condiments and will listen to exactly what you want on your burger and it will show up on your receipt. Who likes freezer burn? Not us!  Five Guys never freezes their meat, and in every location they have coolers in which they always keep their meat fresh.  Now obviously you know what you're getting yourself into...burgers are not the healthiest meal out there, but to make you feel better about biting into a juicy Five Guys burger they only use peanut oil and the menu is trans-fat free!  Trans-fat free... sounds better right?

    Shake Shack

    Shake Shack is a modern day "roadside" burger stand serving their version of America's favorite classics.  Although this is a much loved burger joint, there are only six locations: one in Miami and five in NYC!  This soon will change since Shake Shack is making its way over to us, DC.

    So what makes up a ShackBurger?  4 oz. of burger made from their blend of premium beef, ground fresh daily and hand-formed.  It is then topped with American cheese, green leaf lettuce, plum tomato and ShackSauce on a grilled potato bun.

    Shake Shack going green?  They take pride in buying 100% of their electricity through sustainable wind power.  The grease that comes out of all their food is recycled into biodiesel.  When a new Shack is built they use as many sustainable materials as possible.  So although they are focusing on going green, offer many other treats such as shakes and ice cream, custard and hot dogs, how good is their actual burger?

    Shake Shack Vs. Five Guys

    So Shake Shack may win the hearts of people by showing a web cam on their site that allows you to monitor the line, but really?  Isn't that encouraging laziness?? They may also serve much more tasty treats such as shakes and ice cream, which definitely is better then Five Guys (oh wait, Five Guys doesn't even offer tasty frozen bevs!).  Their burger comes one way and one way only... so if you're a picky eater whats the fun in that?  We all know how particular you burger fanatics are which is why.....

    Five Guys definitely will keep their first place spot in the Zagat's fast food survey for best burger and will remain at the top of the burger kingdom in DC.  We love that Five Guys keeps it simple...they cater to that carnivore looking to satisfy his or her hunger with a dee-lish slab of ground beef (made jussst the way you like it) and topped with just the perfect amount of ingredients.  To go with that tasty burger are their mouth watering fries.  Oh my gosh, those are some good fries, with one bite into their fries you completely forget about wanting to finish off with a shake or frozen delight (to be honest, who needs the extra calories anyway!?)

    So Shake Shake may win the hearts for a while (since it'll be new, who doesn't love going somewhere different)...but after the newness has worn off Five Guys will remain at the hearts of all those out there looking to satisfy their burger fix!

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