What To Do In D.C. When You're Bored In August

by NIKKI BOGOPOLSKAYA · August 25, 2010

    Late August couldn't be less exciting in Washington. Our social calendars are so empty that we find ourselves writing events such as "go to Trader Joe's" in large block letters as to make them appear exciting and full of life. In our boredom, we were thrilled to learn of 365 Things to do in DC.

    Powered by hip group-buying site Living Social (what? You’re not signed up for Living Social yet? Get on it, pronto), 365 Things to do in DC reminds us of those calendars where you tear a page off every day to find a fun joke, or inspirational quote, or picture of a cute cat, but this is significantly more useful.

    Every day, 365 Things to do in DC updates their Facebook feed and their website with an innovative and exciting activity. Today’s suggestion:

    "Head to the National Portrait Gallery and check out the "Presidents on Time" exhibit which takes a look at 30 of America's presidents who were depicted on the cover of Time magazine, from FDR to Obama."

    And yesterday's:

    "Get out of town for a quick end of summer getaway to Annapolis. Head up 50 East and end up at the quintessential waterfront bar/dining destination, Pusser's Landing. Watch the sailboats, enjoy a cocktail made from Pusser's rum, and of course, enjoy some Maryland crabs!"

    Unfortunately named bar, but we think that sounds like a perfect weekend activity! Other, easier suggestions: try the pizza and beer at Pizza Paradiso, picnic in Georgetown’s Rose Park, check out contemporary art at Conner Gallery.

    Rose Park [via]

    Pizza Paradiso's Dupont Circle location [via]

    We love these ideas—365 updates their feed with a daily activity as well as fun links and events happening in The District. Yesterday, they got word of Hello Cupcake’s free cupcakes. Obviously from us. Follow them on Facebook for cool new suggestions on District area events. Or don't—your calendar is looking mighty fine with "walk dog" and "buy more margarita mix" as the only activities penciled in till Labor Day.