Spring Style For The Washington Gentleman Party

by Kyle O'Donnell · April 26, 2012

    A wise man once said, "the clothes make the man" and the group of men at Alton Lane proved the bard right. Jason Mandel and Daniel Heider of Washington Fine Properties invited the sartorial gentlemen and their female counterparts to the new Alton Lane in Dupont Circle on Friday.

    While sipping on Bulldog Gin punch, the crowd indulged in the fashion advice of David Van Fleet Bloys and Lauren Wynns of the fashion blog Necessary and Proper.

    Lindsey Becker showed off the top-notch technology of Alton Lane that uses light censors to measure every inch of the client's body. This allows for perfectly measured custom suiting. Guests were able to make an appointment to jumpstart their spring apparel.

    David and Lauren put together a couple of outfits from the exquisite selection at Alton Lane. Bloys' advice for men? "Never leave home without a pocket square. Leaving the house without a pocket square is like leaving the house with your fly down." So, gentlemen, make sure you stock up on your pocket squares before heading out this spring!

    As the night went on, the man-cave essence of Alton Lane became more and more apparent. With dark tones, old books, and perfectly worn-in leather couches, the clothier feels more like a smoking club than an actual clothing store. But, fear not ladies! There's a fully equipped bar so you can sit back while your man peruses the selection!