Michelle's TV-Watching Habits

by Kyle O'Donnell · February 25, 2013

    Even the First Lady can't say no to the Housewives! Michelle Obama stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night to discuss the Oscars, music, and what's on the White House television. The lineup may surprise you.

    While Honey Boo-Boo isn't gracing that small screen in the Oval Office, Mobama praised Mama June's 100 pound weight loss! I'm glad that we live in a country that allows the First Lady to praise a country hick's journey from morbidly obese to just really really obese. She coyly admitted her love for the Real Housewives franchise but wouldn't divulge her favorite locale. Someone on her PR team has trained her well.

    She also bust a move with Fallon in a hilarious take on The Evolution of Mom-Dancing. Gurl can DOUGIE!

    Head HERE to watch Michelle admit her guilty pleasures and HERE to watch her break it down!

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