Food Truck Frenzy: Red Hook Lobster Pound

by GABRIELLE BLUESTONE · April 12, 2013

    It seems spring has officially sprung. As DC clocks in its full week of warm temperatures and cherry blossoms bloom across the city, we here at GofG are ready for summer. And very few food trucks do summer better than Red Hook Lobster Pound does. With two trucks - Lobby 1 and 2 - you won't have to wait long for red, juicy lobsters to roll into your neighborhood.

    Open Since: 2010

    Why we like it: They serve up one of the best lobster rolls this side of New England.

    The Menu: Whether you like your lobster done up Connecticut style (drenched in butter and lemon) or Maine status (with mayonnaise and lemon), the geniuses behind Red Hook Lobster have got you covered. The delectable, savory lobster comes in a warm, buttered to perfection top-cut bun, and you can slow your roll with their other delicious offerings like clam chowder and old-fashioned home-made whoopie pies. If you're not a lobster-monster like we are, try one of their shrimp rolls. We also recommend the old-fashioned sodas.

    Follow it: @lobstertruckDC

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