Smith Point Celebrates 12 Years

by Sophie Pyle · September 10, 2012

    Smith Point, the iconic, list-only Georgetown bar, celebrated 12 years on Saturday night. The evening kicked off with open bar for Smith Point VIPs and their guests at 10pm, and it was packed by midnight with a line down the block of other listees.

    Smith Point's owner, Bo Blair, was out of town in Nantucket (the bar is actually named for "Smith Point" on Nantucket). However, usual suspects like bartender Laura Rosenwinkel, Bo's bartending little sister-in-law Molly Simonson, listkeeper Laura Gaiser, and the charming barback known just as "Claudio" were all in attendance.

    One unusual addition to the party was a plethora of purses filled with Ring Pops and Fun Dip, as some guests came straight from the "Night of the 90s" party at rival Georgetown bar, George.

    [Correction 9/12/12: Article corrected Molly Simonson's relation to Bo Blair. She is his sister-in-law, not his niece.]