The New Smith Point

by Sophie Pyle · March 2, 2012

    Last night, Smith Point had a party to kick off their new VIP program. The 80 on the list (and their +1s) enjoyed an open bar, cupcakes and other bites in the redecorated dive bar on the corner of Wisconsin and O.

    Some of the 80 VIPs on the list include Zach Leonsis, Luke Russert and Eddie Frederick. Ryan Zimmerman did not make the VIP cut, but he did make the new "regular" list of 2600 people.

    Guests left with numbered membership cards that will grant them a slew of perks around town, and a Smith Point t-shirt.

    The hot topic of the night, besides the new decor, was the new "regular" list. Emails were supposedly sent out last night to all of the new listees but some previous Smith Point regulars and listee suggestions did not receive the email. A source at Smith Point told Guest of a Guest that not all of the listees successfully received the email, whether it was due to a bad email given to the listkeeper or an unexplained technical difficulty. However, there were a lot of intentional snubs for bad behavior.

    The new rule every guy needs to know: collared shirts are now required. Popping that collar is optional.